Monday, March 28, 2011

Headerp solutions pvt ltd history

Headerp solutions pvt ltd started ten years before and they started this company has a small company and now has been developed into a great outsourcing company and provide different services and do perform different roles.  Due to their cost effective and excellent service, they have been given ISO award and it is purely due to their excellent services. Headerp solutions started this concern in Chennai with few employees, but now the list has been extended and they are employing very high skilled professional to do their task efficiently and technically.  Their main aim was ERP and SAP, they concentrate this on more and later they have also started concentrating on other fields such as offshore software development, IT enabled services, business processes and embedded technologies.

Their approach is different and they are never a cost oriented company and rather headerp solutions pvt ltd is a customer oriented company because they give more importance to customers and think that satisfying their customers in all means is important. They follow this rule strictly and they always view technology as a means rather than the end and do approach things in a different way. They apply different methodologies and integrating technologies so that their customers can get best result oriented services. Headerp approach is data driven and communication oriented and they use information technology as a source to meet your competitive goals.  Their products are erp system, financial system, hospital system, inventory system, e-ram notes and construction.

Headerp solutions always try to provide a remote facility with all computing facilities and they have a good infrastructure too. In some companies, this problem exists and that is, the employees won’t be satisfied with the concern since they never appreciate their work and never boost them. If you give your work to such a concern, your goal will be disturbed and also you do not get an effective output. This kind of problem never exists in headerp solutions because they always motivate their employees and that too continuous motivation. They treat their employees in a friendly and disciplined manner so that you get an effective output in a quick span of time. Apart from these services, they also provide consulting services and they started this service because they saw their clients need some resources and to satisfy their clients, they are offering these services.

They also provide cost effective HR services and recruit candidate in both permanent and temporary basis for their clients concern.  They produce different types of sap consulting and erp consulting to clients in different countries. Headerp provides the necessary services that make you to achieve your goal and also you can achieve success in your business and career. They have expertise in all modules and with their experience, they implement these services efficiently and at the same time in a cost effective way.  You can acquire adequate knowledge by contacting them for your business and career because they have a talented team of workers and overall the management is good.

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